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Given the chance, every man, woman and child would like to visit at least one of the Seven Wonders of the World. However, over 99% of us never get the opportunity to see any of them. Advances in information and communication technologies make it possible for us to experience the pleasure of visiting these locations without physically going there. The DOI is proposing a multi-national effort to begin to create the content and make it accessible around the world so that anyone who wishes to visit one of these sites virtually can do so with the click of a mouse from the comfort of their home or office. While the necessary research has been done, 3D modeling of each of these locations can be expensive and time consuming. 

Spoken Language Digital Library

The DOI is a center for innovations in speech and language to collect and annotate the recorded speech. This initiative is designed to support research into innovative methodologies in knowledge representation and knowledge acquisition applied to speech recognition and synthesis. This very ambitious data collection effort comprising at least a million hours of recorded speech in at least 100 languages will be accomplished by utilizing DOI centers all over the globe as speech collection centers. This Million-Hour Corpus will be the basis for a major international research program aimed at dramatically improving the performance of speech recognition and speech synthesis systems, as well as making these technologies available is many more languages.

Digital Library For any other Products/Softwares

Digital Preservation
Digital Collections & Services: Access to print, pictorial and audio-visual collections and other digital services. Any product owners can preserve their product in the doi library.

National Digital Preservation

The Digital Library is helping to develop an international strategy to collect, archive and preserve the burgeoning amounts of digital contents like journals, articles, books, conference proceedings any other objects or articles for current and future generations.  

Web Capture and Archiving

The Library’s commitment to providing digital access to materials of historical importance extends to content that exists only in digital form, including web sites.


This is a video recording of an expert speaking about an item or collection of items on the DOI virtual library. 

Cited-by Linking Policies

1. Participation in Cited-by Linking is optional for Doi members.

2. Participants must deposit references from their current material and must retrieve data (i.e. retrieve “cited-by” links to link to other  participants).  Participants must be depositing references from current material before retrieving data. A Member will be deemed to have started participating in when they begin depositing references.

3. Members may only retrieve data to display in primary articles that they publish, whether for display on primary journal platforms or within their secondary products. Agents will be able to retrieve data on behalf of members who participate in and deposit references.

4. There will be no “public” interface for retrieving data. There is currently a form for free single DOI lookup on the Doi website but no equivalent form will be available for data.

5. There is no charge for participation in Cited-by Linking.

6. Cited-by Linking will not be available for secondary records, except as described in policy #3 above.

7. Cited-by Linking will only be available for member use in primary content.


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