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The Digital Online Library serves several audiences in addition to the any publishers of journals, books, magazines or chronicles, Librarians, any organization/institute, any website holder, students, faculty, researchers, scientist, industrialist, books owners, authors, writers, soft wares owners, any product owner, conference & proceedings,  and staff of all over the world. It serves and participates in the digital library community worldwide, through project partnerships and contributions to digital library research. It serves users worldwide who access our resources and benefit from our work. 

These services will include:

  • Provide a digital no. [doi no.] for any organization/Journals/articles/Products/Objects

  • Analysis of DOI Indexed Journals impact factor [DOIJIF] 

  • Provide on demand notes

  • Provide lab Manual, Experimental lab., Animal disection lab., and online books

  • Digital Project Development

  • Digitization of text, images, audio, and video through virtual library

  • lot of many other services [click here]

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Digital Online Identifier-Database System

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