*Membership Referral Policy 

No one is better qualified to spread the word about the benefits of membership of doi-ds than you as a dedicated member.

Recruiting New Members is Easy and Fun

Here's your chance to spread the word about our digital & virtual Library. Not only can you help advance a colleague's career, but you might just earn some exciting rewards doing so.

This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Commonwealth of India without giving effect to conflicts of law.

  • Referring member must be active at time of referral and reward redemption.
  • New member must purchase a minimum of 12 months membership or direct debit membership.
  • New member must be a new customer only.
  • Subject to product and service availability.
  • Registered paid members can only refer others members
  • Our registered paid Members must be informed or intimate  through mail or by telephonic contact before choosing or selecting the membership packages by the reffered members, then only you will eligible to get the reward by us. Otherwise your claimed will no be accepted, if you intimate us after purchasing the packages by any new users.

Top Three Reasons for Sections to Refer New Members:

  1. Increase your local network
  2. Compete for a chance to win a grant towards a speaker, event, or scholarship or to access the digital and virtual library with free of cost.
  3. Earn some credits for waiving the membership fees.

Top Three Reasons for Members to Refer New Members:

  1. Create a stronger community of peers to collaborate with us
  2. A chance to win a waiving of 10-20% of actual membership fees [depends upon the selection of guest users membership packages]
  3. Help your friends and colleagues by introducing them to the benefits of our membership
  4.  Get a free offers to create or generate 10-100 digital nos.  [depends upon the selection of guest users membership packages]
  5. Members can only select any one offer by reffering one other guest user. If any one offers more than one user then they can demand another suitable offers as above.

Top Three Reasons for Students/Researchers/Teachers/Scientist to Refer New Members:

  1. Increase your network to make connections crucial to helping land your first job
  2. A chance to win a waiving of 10-20% of actual membership fees
  3. Increase the number of students, researchers and teachers in your Community for access to an instant network of peers

When you recruit a new member, you ensure that the organization continues to grow and support the careers of the rsearchers, scientists and technologists who drive this dynamic field. 

Be rewarded for referring your friends!

  • Do you have friends or colleagues that would benefit from being our member?
  • Do them a favour and refer them to us for the opportunity to become a member and lead a healthier educational life.

To refer your friends or colleague just simply send a mail and for further details about our membership referral program please speak with Member Services on +918637848748 or email us to info.doids@gmail.com.

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