*For Publishers/Users:

Another commercial alternative might revolve around relationships with publishers. As publishers find that making the book available increases sales, they might be willing to support the project.

It is a official agency for researchers, scholarly and professional publications, including journals, books, and other content types. It provides primary publishers with the organizational and technological backbone to facilitate linking by associating the with publisher metadata. There is no centralized repository of abstracts or full text involved. Membership is open to all in all content areas.

It is about helping publishers innovate through shared technology, to meet the demand for better access to published scholarship. You can count on affordable, reliable links; increased traffic to your publications; and the opportunity to join forces with other publishers dedicated to enhancing resource discovery.

Digital online identifier, serves as a persistent, actionable identifier for intellectual property online. It can be assigned at any level of granularity, and therefore provide publishers with an extensible platform for a variety of applications. It links don't break, even if a publisher needs to migrate publications from one system to another, or if the content moves from one publisher to another, the digital no. never changes. This means that all the links to that content that have already been made still function. Hence, one key insight of its model is persistence; the other is actionability. One click on a properly implemented digital no. gets the reader to the location of the material they want.

If you are interested in joining to our initiative, here are the steps you should take:

(1) To become a member now, register your wesite or journal's website to our portal (To create a Digital Library Account please Register here.) or mail us to info.doids@gmail.com.

(2) Familiarize yourself with the all steps and information resources highlighted in our help documentation.

(3) If any member would like to open both the digital and virtual library Account, in that case they should register separately by using different mail id as user name, to find out the packages for Digital library please click here and to find out the packages for Virtual library please click here.

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The value of its linking for scholarly e-journals is by now well established. By joining this collaborative network, you will add reader utility to your digital content through outbound links to cited material, while augmenting access to your material through incoming links from other publishers.

It has also begun adding books/articles/product/software and conference proceedings to its extensive linking network.

If you are a book publisher

Use this to drive book sales. Whether they are published in print form only or they have been digitized, your books will benefit from being registered with a Digital no. It provides you an extra points for the Internet bookselling platforms of your choice.

It is a cross-publisher linking network. With your publications registered in our database and so many other publishers, organizations, aggregators, and libraries can able to link automatically to your content.

Link your e-books. For electronic books such as reference works, It facilitates internal linking of components and references, as well as providing durable hyperlinks from citations to any other participating publishers material.

It is run by publishers. As a member, you can have real input into the development of new collaborative technologies and the policies underlying this collaboration.

One annual fee covers all types of content. If you are already a member depositing journal, there is no additional membership fee to register your books or conference proceedings.

If you are a Journal Publishers
It update automatically to our metadata and provide a unique digital no. for each journal/articles/organization references of published versions. This facility was extended to accept feeds and journal reference data associated with articles from publishers and other trusted parties. We believe that linkage between us and publisher versions of articles is of benefit to both our users and publishers. Prospective users should contact our administrators to discuss possible use of this facility. Any publishers can improve their cross ref system and easily track the journals or article with a unique digital no.

Conference Proceedings and Publications

It is also published series of annual international conferences on the Digital Library. The goal of these conferences proceedings system is to provide a forum for library and IT professionals to exchange comprehensive views on the recent developments and progress in digital library technology, to promote international cooperation in related fields, to advocate universal access to information, and to enhance the global impact of it. 

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The Digital Online Library serves several audiences in addition to the any publishers of journals, books, magazines or chronicles, Librarians, any organization/institute, any website holder, students, faculty, researchers, scientist, industrialist, books owners, authors, writers, soft wares owners, any product owner, conference & proceedings,  and staff of all over the world. It serves and participates in the digital library community worldwide, through project partnerships and contributions to digital library research. It serves users worldwide who access our resources and benefit from our work. 

These services will include:

  • Provide a digital no. for any organization/Journals/articles/Products/Objects
  • Provide on demand notes
  • Provide lab Manual, Experimental lab., Animal disection lab., and online books
  • Digital Project Development
  • Digitization of text, images, audio, and video through virtual library
  • lot of many other services

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[Special Instructions:If any member would like to open both the digital and virtual library Account,, in that case they should register separately by using different mail id as user name] 

Digital Online Identifier-Database System

  • Address: Address (Office): Digital Online Identifier-Database System, Sripalli, Burdwan, W.B., India - 713103
  • Phone: (+91) 8637848748
  • Email: info.doids@gmail.com