*What is the Virtual Library?

The Virtual Library provides you with access to:

  • The online library catalogue and borrower information, enabling you to search, request and renew items
  • Information about the contents of doi virtual library.
  • Specialist pages for Lab Manual, Virtual Animal Lab.,Virtual Experimental Lab. and online Books as well as helpful hints to aid your research
  • Books, music and film news, and the opportunity to read reviews and contribute your own.
  • The children and teen's virtual library - homework help, recommended reads and lots of fun things to do.
  • WebLinks - recommended web sites, which are safe, reliable and regularly updated
  • Information about the Home remedies.
  • Jobs, Careers and Skills - online and in the library, as well as advice and guidance on where to go to start or develop your learning
  • Plus lots, lots, lots more...

How the Virtual Library Works?

The Virtual Library has been separated into various sections representing areas of our service like Lab. Manual, Virtual Animal Lab.,Virtual Experimental Lab. and online Books etc.  Move your mouse over a heading on the navigation bar to prompt a flyout list of headings. These will appear whenever you move the mouse over the navigation, so allowing you to move around the site with ease.

Some importants links are in blue, or green once they have been clicked, click these to access another page in the Virtual Library or to go to an external web site.

You can search the Virtual Library, using the search box on the top most position of the screen, and clicking the search.  This will search the whole of the Virtual Library. 

Accessibility Policy of the Virtual Library

The Virtual Library aims to be accessible to all areas of the community. This area will continue to develop over time, please let us know if there are changes you would like to see. If any user would like to demand any extra information should be contained there, they can freely suggest us and if any one would like to suggest any extra features should be there or if any one want to add some important web link or any valuable matters, then they are most welcome.


Some of the benefits that we provide through Virtual Libary includes:

  • Expertise - Researching sites for your VL section is a great way of learning about resources on the web.
  • Professional advancement - VL sites are renowned for often being the best online resources in particular areas. Being the VL maintainer for your specific area will raise your profile, and can lead to useful opportunities and interactions with some of the leading members of your field. Some VL sections are maintained by organisations rather than individuals, and these also gain great positive exposure from their VL affiliation. If you already have a good specialist website, affiliating with the VL is a powerful stamp of approval and traffic generator.
  • Personal satisfaction - The web is a wild and disorganised place. Creating and maintaining a high quality guide to part of the web can be personally very satisfying and a great way to do some good for the many visitors that will rely on your guide. We have all benefited from the net, and maintaining a VL site is an excellent way to take advantage of your own expertise to give back to the net and help thousands of others in your field.
  • Technical Assistance - The VL provides a community of like-minded individuals which can provide support and technical help. A number of other services include a powerful search engine, automatic submission of pages to major search engines, and others under development.There are a few technical requirements to maintain a section of the Virtual Library. However, far more important is that you share the overall goals of the other members of the Library: to provide a clear, current, easy-to-use and unbiased guide to the most important online sources in your field. If you believe in doing that, to make life easier for web users, then pick your area and join us! Maintaining a Virtual Library section is a great way of getting recognition in your field, a good way of keeping abreast with what's available on the net, and a unique way to contribute to the internet.
  • Content- Each section should contain an unbiased and relatively comprehensive guide to the most valuable sources in their field. The site should aim to be one of the best resources in its area. Virtual Library sites are largely collections of links to other sources, rather than primary data, but a brief introduction to the field, for the unexperienced visitor, is encouraged. 

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